server-room-bannerIt’s the stuff of nightmares for any IT professional or business owner– a hardware failure, virus, human error or a natural disaster destroys important data. Operating systems and software can be reinstalled, but it may be difficult or impossible to restore your original data when something goes wrong.

Your data is valuable. Quite simply, you must have a backup, storage and retrieval plan. Keep in mind that the best backup system not only preserves your data, but also enables you to access and restore your data when you need it.

Test and Test Some More

Your backup system should be tested on a regular basis. Whether you use a tape, disk or cloud backup system you want to make sure everything is working as designed. We recommend that every Future Link client do the following:

  • Test regularly
  • Test systematically
  • Test everything

The end of the year is a perfect time to plan for the months ahead, evaluate your hardware needs and have your backup system tested. We can help you do that and more. It’s not too late – call us now to get started.