Thirty years ago, a well-equipped officer would have had a radio, a map of pay phones in the area and, hopefully, a lot of loose change. Today, new technologies – many based on mobile systems – are becoming increasingly intertwined with the daily work of police officers.

The point of most of the new technology is to provide officers with easy access to real-time data. In-vehicle fixed mount computers and laptop systems, for example, give officers immediate access to:

  • Maps
  • Dispatch information
  • Notes and updates
  • The location of suspects, offenders and other police units

As an added advantage, fixed mount vehicle systems also allow officers to complete their reports and paperwork in the cruiser without having to return to the station. And, because the computer stays with the vehicle, it’s always ready to be deployed.

In addition to police cruisers, many fire and EMS vehicles are also outfitted with fixed mount systems. Of course, almost any type of public safety vehicle presents a challenging environment for the installation and operation of computer equipment. That’s why we recommend the Datalux Tracer T5 mobile computing system.

The Datalux Tracer T5 (designed and built in America!) comes with numerous features designed for demanding vehicle conditions. These include:

  • Backlit and dimmable control buttons for nighttime driving
  • Bright displays for daytime visibility
  • Fully sealed screens for protection against liquids and dust
  • Removable solid state drives
  • Rugged, metal enclosures

Mobile computing systems have transformed how police, firefighters and EMS personnel do their jobs. When you’re ready to find out how Future Link IT can help transform your operation – call us.