ERP Support

If you know ERP you know that it is a huge undertaking.  Many Manufacturing or Distribution companies implement only a fraction of its capabilities.  Sometimes it is because they do not know it is there, sometimes is it the process to enter data is cumbersome or the out of the box solution does not fit their process. Future Link IT has a long history implementing and supporting multiple ERP platforms.  However, we know that utilizing all of the functionality is not always easy.  We take the approach to make ERP easy for the end user.  We have developed many solutions over the years to make data entry easier, automate processes, and increase inventory accuracy or to meet a customer specific need.  We support Exact Software’s: Macola Pro, ES, Progression and JobBoss as well as Basis Software, BBJ, BBx and Add-on.

With the new innovations available in Exact Macola 10, you can easily configure your own workspaces at the user level. Turn static data into consumable, usable information, set up business activity monitoring to automatically execute actions when triggers are met, and improve collaboration organization-wide with workflow, document management and customer relationship management capabilities – all included.

Future Link IT supports Macola 10, Progression, ES, Synergy, and JobBoss


AddonSoftware® is a customizable ERP business solution with the powerful and unique ability to preserve customization through the update cycle. Our go-to-market strategy provides our partners with a core set of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing building blocks, our developer partners then tailor the solution to meet the exacting business requirements of their customers.

Future Link IT supports Add-on Software, BBx, BBj, Visual Pro 5 and more


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