Although most any business can benefit from an ERP system, manufacturers, distributors and job shops find them particularly helpful.  Why?


Manufacturing requires forecasting, ordering and warehousing multiple parts. Parts must be counted and sub-assemblies must be tracked. Lot numbers must also be recorded in case of a recall or quality issue.

Unlike spreadsheets or QuickBooks, the right ERP can show manufacturers the number of parts in stock, the number in route and the number on order. Manufactures who build just-in-time or on-demand also face additional challenges and require ERP software to coordinate the planning, purchasing and tracking of parts and supplies.


On the surface, distribution is a simpler business. Distributors buy goods and sell the same goods. They order by the case, pallet or container and sell in pieces. Typically, they do not assemble a finished product.

Of course, we all know that, in reality, distribution is a complicated business. It requires the coordination of multiple vendors and customers, and the precise tracking of inventory. Again, this is something the right ERP system can easily handle.

Job Shops

Job shops and service firms may not necessarily assemble a final product or handle a lot of reorders. However, they do need to estimate jobs, accurately track labor costs and determine profitability.

At various points, many growing businesses will find themselves performing the functions of a manufacturer, distributor and job shop. Not surprisingly, this can make finding the right ERP system even more of a challenge.

The Right ERP

Fortunately, finding the right ERP software to handle the unique needs of each business is where Future Link IT comes in. We support multiple ERP products from two key providers:

  • Exact offers a range of solutions for manufacturers, distributors and job shops of all sizes. These include Exact Macola10, Progression, ES, JobShop, Globe and Synergy. Each can be a great out-of-the-box solution. We can also customize Marcola 10 to meet your specific needs – for example, by writing applications to simplify data entry.
  • AddonSoftware® is a great option for our clients that need more customized solutions. They provide a core set of accounting, distribution and manufacturing modules that we can then tailor and customize to meet your exacting business requirements. Many can also be used as out-of-the-box solutions. We support numerous AddonSoftware® products including, BBx, BBj, Visual Pro 5 and more.

Future Link IT has a long history of implementing, customizing and supporting multiple ERP platforms. Call us today to find out more about ERPs and how your business can benefit from the right system.