We all want a stress-free holiday time. Why not use technology to do it? Here are a few tips on using tech to ease the strain this holiday season, no matter what you celebrate!

1 – Streamline checkout: Use mobile-pay methods while shopping for holiday décor or gifts.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square, and other scanning technology lets you use your phone to pay at point-of-purchase. It’s quick, easy to sign up for, and you’ll look way cooler than the guy struggling with a credit card chip, and even cooler than the one scrounging in his pockets for change. With these methods, checking yourself out can be a breeze.

2 – Avoid the lines: Order gifts and more online or in-app, and pick up in-store.

More and more retail stores and other associated businesses (like Starbucks and Panera, with caffeinated fuel for your shopping sprees), allow you to order and pay in advance, through websites or apps you can download. Imagine avoiding the holiday rush of people, and just stopping by to pick up your pre-paid orders! Here are 30 stores that let you shop online and pick up in-store.

3 – Go faster: Speed up your Internet service, at home and at work.

What better way to get all your needs met faster during the holiday season, than to have your Internet run faster? Upgrade your Internet speed with a service provider that provides fast response times and consistent speed on both uploads and downloads, by keeping the network appropriately subscribed. Find out if we can help in your area here.

4 – Work remotely: Gain more family time.

Extend that family trip, stretch your vacation hours, and nix time stuck in traffic for your commute. You can remote into the office with VPN from a laptop, access files, do everything you’d do in the office—from anywhere.

5 – End the gift-guessing game: Use Amazon Wish List.

Amazon Wish List allows you to view what friends and family want for birthdays or any holiday, without needing their login information. It’s easier than running covert operations to determine what they want, and as long as they have an Amazon account, access is easy.

6 – Save time and money reaching out: Send electronic greeting cards.

Electronic cards are less of a hassle than dealing with the post office, and they bring just as much joy and delight. English artist Jacquie Lawson has some great ones.

7 – Have fun: Don’t let “red dots” and other notifications stress you out.

Customize your devices, dressing them up for the holidays as much as you dress up your front yard. The holidays also give you a chance to learn about new technology that’s out there, either by receiving a gift or researching technology you plan on giving. Don’t let technology intimidate you… It’s there to help! For more holiday tech ideas, visit this page.

Looking to de-stress in your business as well as your life during the holiday season? Schedule a call with our IT experts to see how tech can affordably help make your business and workflow easier this holiday season.