There are a multitude of threats out there to our systems, networks and data.

Although hacking, ransomware and other intrusions are a real and growing danger, it is possible to guard against them with antivirus software.

Businesses often rely on the old standbys such as Norton by Symantec for protection. Perhaps this is because it’s a familiar name or the same brand that’s used at home. Unfortunately, Norton may not be the best solution for your particular situation.

Typically, when you buy a box or download antivirus software such as Norton from the web, you are purchasing an annual subscription for a single device. In a business context, however, single device licenses can be problematic:

  • Because only one device is covered under a single license, there is no protection for any other desktops or for any smartphone or tablet that may be used to remotely connect to the network.
  • Only the individual user is notified of an intrusion. This creates a situation where a virus can easily spread simply because the user does not want to, or forgets, to tell the boss that they have a virus.
  • Employees have also been known to turn off their antiviral protection or skip scans altogether because it slows their computer down or is perceived as a nuisance. This, of course, defeats the purpose of protection and leaves devices and networks vulnerable.

Even if you purchase multiple licenses, you may frequently find it necessary to add more users as your business grows. At that point, you’ll have to juggle multiple renewal dates and multiple devices – increasing the possibility of a costly error.

The best solution is to utilize centrally managed antivirus protection that reports into a single monitored portal. Designated personnel can then be alerted when a scan has not run or follow up on suspicious activity.

The experts at Future Link IT are anxious to show you the alternatives to Norton (such as Bitdefender) and how they can boost your level of protection. Once your set-up is complete, we’ll manage your licenses and renewals and invoice monthly so that you can avoid large annual renewal fees.