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A Firewall is usually an appliance that is protecting your network from the internet.  The main difference between a firewall and a Router is that a firewall will inspect the entire packet and block traffic if it is malicious or does not match the header.

fw simpleSimple

Say goodbye to multiple appliances, logins and management interfaces. At Untangle, we’ve simplified everything with our multi-functional solutions and simple one-click interface





Affordablefw affordable_3

Not everyone has a cast of thousands in their IT department or the big budget to support one. We get it, and enjoy surprising our

customers with powerful, affordable solutions that were once only accessible to big-budget companies.




FW protect


The Firewall goes beyond traditional firewalls to give you more protection at the gateway without the need for additional hardware to maintain – saving you time and money. You get a full complement of apps to address security threats.


FW_virus_blockerVirus Blocker


fw_phish_blockerPhishing Filter





FW_intrusion_protectionIntrusion Prevention






The Firewall handles your content filtering needs without requiring additional appliances – saving you time and money. Enjoy powerful, granular control from our next-generation platform at a price that just makes sense.



Web Filter



Spam Blocker




Ad Blocker



HTTPS Inspector




fw perform


Firewall’s advanced bandwidth management features set it apart from other next-generation firewall and unified threat management solutions. Optimize your bandwidth usage to reduce overages and keep expenses down.




Bandwidth Control



WAN Balancer




Wan Failover





fw connect


Firewall includes support for secure VPN connections from remote users as well as customizable controlled access options with Captive Portal.


fw_ipsec_vpnRemote Office VPN


fw_openvpnRemote User VPN


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