[image_frame style=”reflect” align=”left”]https://futurelinkit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/hard-choice-2-1091760-m.jpg[/image_frame] The prospect of buying new computers for your business can put stress on your wallet if it isn’t part of your budget.
We challenge you to consider not just replacing one old machine but multiple machines at once and we are prepared to show you how this will actually save you money.

Consider this: The cost associated with replacing your computer can include hardware costs, software cost, software installation, and data transfer just to name a few of the vital processes. And while each step takes considerable time to implement, there is also a large amount of wait time between each process.


What would you like your IT expert to do with all this time?

  1. Take a nap
  2. Chat on social media
  3. Go out to lunch
  4. Update another computer

If you chose “d” you’ve discovered the value of multiple computer upgrades at one time. The hourly cost of your IT expert is the same, regardless of the amount of actual work being performed, so we encourage you to make use of all that time you are paying for. On average, the time to set up one computer is four hours but the time to set up four computers is only six to eight hours! That savings could be enough to buy another computer.

Planning + Budgeting = Cost Reduction.

Looking for another way to save money and time with your IT budget this year? The ROI Analysis on our website shows that working with a Managed IT plan can be even more beneficial to your bottom line. Bringing in the experts at FLI ensure your dollars are spent on essential IT requirements and are not lost in government regulated fees that you can’t control.

Want more ideas on how partnering with FLI can save you money this year? Call us.


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