That’s right, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the temperatures are cooling, and next year’s budget is awaiting your input—or, you may be looking for ways to spend up this year’s budget before December 31st.

To make the most of your IT budget, here are some points to consider:

1) Get comfortable with bundling.

Sure, you might need only one or two computers immediately, but there are expenses that come with buying new machines, beyond the hardware cost itself. Bundling purchases—buying equipment in quantity—can reduce cost over the long term.

Take labor costs. For each machine you purchase, you’re paying a technician by the hour to install software, transfer data, and configure the new computer to company specs, whether they work on one machine or several—including normal downtime as the computer runs the necessary processes.

Research shows that the average time required to set up a single computer is four hours, whereas the average time to set up four computers is only six to eight hours, because while one computer runs its installations, the technician can get cracking on another unit. The time savings alone of installing multiple PCs instead of one easily adds up to pay for an additional computer.

2) Measure twice, cut once.

Make sure to buy the right stuff the first time around.

This sounds obvious, but it’s often tempting to find a one-size-fits-all tech solution that seems like it will work for everyone, and look no further.

It’s worth the investment to do a bit more research (or let us do it for you) and ensure that you buy the right equipment for each team member—so they can be at their most productive, and you at your most cost-effective.

We have been working alongside business owners to maximize their IT budgets for over 15 years. Consider us your partner; we can help ensure that your IT dollars bring in the best value for your business.

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