Point to Point or fixed wireless communication is a secure wireless connection between buildings with speeds of up to 2 GB and a range of about 40 Miles.

The benefit of Point to Point wireless is the elimination of the high costs associated with traditional fiber and T1.

Multiple Buildings Work Together Like One. If you have multiple buildings for your business, locations can be connected using a Point2Point system. With a fixed wireless system you will discover a variety of solutions to develop your business organizations’ IT infrastructure into a more reliable, scalable and cost effective environment.   One central server encourages your business to work in a more cohesive environment saving time and money and providing the ability to operate at a faster speed. Essentially your business will feel like it is operating from one building.

No Fiber. With Point2Point there is no fiber to deal with. Fiber is fragile and costly to implement and replace. Point2Point connects your buildings, and you experience increased speeds, cut expensive T1 costs and reduce network infrastructure costs. Your company will also reduce multiple  firewalls and web filters. This not only helps your business be more efficient but lowers your monthly costs as well.

One Company for Both Product and Service. The crucial element to look for when partnering with a Managed IT Support team, is the unique ability to not only sell you the equipment; but to also service your company for all your IT needs. You will have the confident in knowing that you have partnered with someone who fully understands your business needs. We encourage you to consider Future Link IT. Our IT Consultants provide complete service from installation to integration to ongoing management.

Invest Now But Save Money In No Time. The money that is invested to get this system up and operational can be recouped in just months when you look at what you save in monthly fees alone. No lease fee means you are no longer dependent on your internet provider company for your “survival”. Additionally Point2Point eliminates duplicate hardware saving you investment money for both the product and the service.

The bottom line: By moving your business to a fixed wireless system you will benefit from lower costs, faster bandwidth and operating more efficiently from one building to the next. Check out our diagram to show you how clear and easy the Point2Point system truly is! We believe our IT Support is different than most: We are local, We are industry experts, and We care about helping your business grow. Interested in learning more, at no cost, call Future Link IT today!

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