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Windows 8 Performance Review

Now that Win 8 has been out for a while, do you like it?  The answer is Mixed.

Here at Future Link IT support many businesses and have been using and deploying Windows 8 for a while now.  I have to say I like it. Having a single interface between the desktop, tablet and mobile phone will simplify the lives of many.  There are a lot of new features including Snap and great new search features.  There are some simple tips and tricks if you do not want to use the metro interface to make it look and feel just like Win7. Many of the complaints are about know knowing how to use the metro interface and yes it is new and there is a learning curve but there are plenty of great you tube videos full of tips and tricks.

The biggest change I have seen is in performance.  In years past CPU and Memory were the largest performance boosts.  However, today with the new processors and faster memory it seams like the hard drive is the biggest limiting factor.  We have seen great performance improvement with Solid State Hard drives.

Below are some screen captures of my Windows 8 machine performance while doing some serious multi tasking. Im running a Win 8 PC with middle of the road i5 and 4 GB Ram with regular SATA HD.  When these were taken i was running Multiple IE windows, outlook multiple excel files.

Win8 properties (2)


As you can see the CPU usage is LOW Memory is high but nop maxed out but the Disk Usage is non stop.

Win8 task manager

I have seen huge performance  increases by using Solid state hard drives or SSD.  By speeding up the hard drive you can eliminate the bottle neck and speed up your computer.  I would recommend a Minimum of 4GB Ram 8 is better and avoid the Atom, Celeron or Pentium processors  they just do not have enough power to get any life out of the machine. The Intel or Amd dual core or quad core processors like the i3, i5, i7 or the Amd FX processors.


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