iStock_000016215924MediumYour business is successful because you are an expert at what you do. You hire in top people to ensure your goals are met and your clients are serviced beyond reproach. Your business runs like clockwork most of the time because you have invested in the right tools, but have you ever considered that maybe there’s a better option?

Consider this: Company A hires a full time IT support guy and fills his day with important tasks such as software productivity, issue resolution, training, upgrades, research, tracking etc. to ensure your business runs smoothly. Then comes the problem that your IT manager is not trained to resolve, his hours run rampant and business stops until a solution is found and implemented. Have you considered that perhaps you are not using your IT professional in the most efficient manner?

Consider this: Company B is a small business with limited funds and few employees. An IT person is not yet in the budget, but as a business owner you figure you can handle this role along with sales calls, human resource issues, accounting, and process management tasks. Business screeches to a halt when you discover the software isn’t working and orders aren’t shipping and you have no idea how to solve the problem or who to ask. You have just realized the value of partnering, even part-time, with the right industry experts.

Future Link IT gives you FOUR REASONS to think beyond the hiring norm and bring on a strategic partner.

1. You will save money by not making mistakes Every small business owner has spent priceless minutes to hours online trying to determine the right resolution to a software conflict issue, or has lost his mind trying to figure out why his internet service is erratic and slow. With each tick of the clock, your productivity slows and your revenue decreases. At Future Link IT, we work across multiple business and focus only on the IT industry, we know the right questions to ask and we make sure the right solution is implemented the first time.

2. You will save time because we’re prepared for the unexpected The age of wisdom has led to the age of foolishness as we look to the internet, social media and trusted friends to help us solve our business crisis. It should be simple to buy the software and the computers we need, but it’s always after the dollars are spent and time is invested, that we discover the new operating system isn’t compatible with existing software. No business enjoys this type of surprise and Future Link IT knows the industry, can look at all the details, and recommend the right pieces to make your systems play nice together.

3. We are experts at solving a larger variety of issues When you do something for the first time, there is a learning curve that equates to time and dollars spent and this can add up quickly if you’re never going to do this task again. Gain efficiency and avoid glitches when you partner with an IT company that handles these types of issues regularly.

4. We free up your team to do what they are best at You have an IT expert in your office that handles the daily issues and we respect that. We work with IT staff to manage a portion of the network so they can support your users better. We are your peace of mind that your data is backed up, your system is running smoothly and that in the face of downtime you have the right solution in place to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Ultimately partnering with an IT company allows you to do your job, not the job of an IT guy, and ensures that the job gets done right the first time. Save time. Save money.


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