These days, it seems like every business markets itself as “customer-centric”. There are job titles specifically geared toward Customer Success, and customer experience buzzwords abound.

At Future Link, we don’t spend a lot of time crafting job titles that make customers feel like they’re the center of our attention. Call us old-fashioned, but instead, we just do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy. For example, if we make a mistake, we’ll make it right.

Take the QuickBooks advisor who wanted a simple work setup with laptop, dock and extra monitor. We gathered the specs, made our recommendations and set it up.

Once left to her own devices, however, the second monitor kept cutting out on her. Every time one of our service guys would log onto her computer remotely to pinpoint the issue, however, everything seemed to work fine. After a few repetitions of this cycle, both customer and we were feeling frustrated.

I knew there had to be a puzzle piece that we were missing. I grabbed my own laptop, hit the road and worked side-by-side with her in person until I could see the monitor cut out myself.

Well, it turned out that the screen was not the issue at all!

Watching her in action, I saw that she was a multitasker extraordinaire, what I call a “power user.” The way she worked required that she jump back and forth between multiple versions of QuickBooks—all open and running at once. (Picture the most windows you’ve ever had open on your desktop… now triple that. And QuickBooks is no lightweight program.)

I said, “Your computer can’t handle that,” pointing at the row of active icons in her taskbar.

“It has to handle it,” she replied. “This is what I do.” The advisor’s day-to-day activities consumed all available RAM on her laptop—which was causing her screen to crash. I had set her up with the wrong machine for her needs.

We bought back her laptop, replaced it with an upgraded one that could handle a multi-tasking ninja, and voilà! Two working screens and one happy customer.

We pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, but on the rare occasion that we don’t, we’ll do whatever it takes to get to fix it. Our customer service involves real, human beings, not a chat box bot that will offer “helpful” links to FAQs and work instructions. Most small IT companies can’t say that.

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