There is a NEW virus/Malware that has recently produced a rash of infections.  This virus may come from a link in an email or from web surfing (often embedded in links for add or promotions or something free).  Please be very careful and only open email from trusted sources and be very careful with links in email and on the web.


The Malware will encrypt your hard drive making it impossible for you to access your documents.  You will then receive a notice that a program has found the problem and for a fee this application can repair your files or remove the virus.

What to do?

This virus can spread to multiple computers on your network quickly, so if you see a message like this, immediately shutdown your computer and call Future Link IT.  Future Link also has solutions that can scan all email and web traffic for viruses before they got to your computer and limit the risk of infection.


I am frequently asked why people make viruses.  To be honest it’s all about making money.  Viruses like this are known as ransomware and if you pay the ransom they will give you back your data.  So far, for people who have paid, there have been no reported signs of identity theft.   The ransom makers could be interested in collecting a fee to unlock your computer, or they may steal financial information including credit card numbers, or bank- or retirement account information.  Some viruses are even used to remotely control your computer, and millions like it, to overload a website, while extorting money from the owner who must pay to end the assault.  It is always about the money.