A team that’s here to stay

The holiday season and first flurries of snow leave many organizations feeling empty inside…when it comes to their relationship with their IT vendor. IT support is integral to the continuity of operations in every industry and every organization, but many start-ups and small companies go without much-needed support. The reasons are varied: smaller organizations often don’t have enough need to justify a full-time hire; some feel that they’re lacking the expertise they feel they need to onboard and support a technician; and many more aren’t ready to outsource due to high turnover among technicians and lack of personal relationship.

The struggle is real and all of these concerns are legitimate risks to take into consideration when selecting a partner. Organizations can mitigate risk and get the year-round warm fuzzies by selecting carefully.

  • Ask about turnover rate during early discussions. Future Link IT has long-term team members who have established long-term relationships with their clients, and they share length of service in their Team Member Spotlights so you can take a look before you even schedule a consultation. 
  • Choose a small business with owner involvement; owners are likely to establish rapport and stick with it long-term. Future Link IT was founded in 2002 with over 50 years combined experience between owners, who are still directly involved and readily available. In fact, Future Link was one of the first companies to offer outsourced IT services. 
  • Research the organization thoroughly. Does their website highlight their team members? Are photos and background shared? You can read all about our team members – including how long each has been with us – on our blog
  • Request references prior to entering into a contractual relationship to learn more about the experience they’ve provided for companies like yours. At Future Link IT, we’re eager to connect you with our clients so you know exactly what to expect when you partner with us. 

Future Link IT aims to function as an extension of your team, tapping into your industry and culture and ensuring that you work with a team who’s here to stay. Ready for the warm fuzzies all year long? Schedule your 30-minute consultation appointment today.