Thanks to mobile technology, departments can now issue speeding and parking citations much faster and more efficiently than ever before. While those getting ticketed may not find this to be the most exciting news, for officers and their departments, it’s a good thing.

Rugged mobile handheld computers are transforming how officers issue citations. No more pen and paper. Citations can be entered and issued electronically using a handheld device. The result is an increase in efficiency and revenue (for the department, of course).

The many benefits include:

  • Improved accuracy. A reduction in entry errors leads to fewer dismissed tickets.
  • Improved efficiency. The time required to issue a citation can be reduced by up to 50%. That means more time to write more tickets.
  • Improved safety. The speed of transactions mean officers spend less time on the side of the road vulnerable to traffic and other hazards.

It’s not just law enforcement organizations that benefit from the use of mobile hand held devices. Industries of all sorts, including manufacturing, distribution/logistics, transportation and retail use handheld computing devices to automate workflow and improve productivity and efficiency.  

Manufacturers, for example, use mobile handheld devices and solutions for reporting production, inventory tracking, shipping/receiving and more.

We like the devices offered by Intermec. Intermec devices are small and lightweight, yet provide targeted functionality. Mobility is ensured through a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular connection and devices can be either Windows or Android based.

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