He’s a Microsoft Systems Engineer now, but twenty years ago, Tod Sercich was an automotive technician, working on electrical airbags, antilock, breaks and air conditioning systems. “Modern cars are so computerized,” Tod muses, “that there isn’t as much difference between the two jobs as you might think.” 

After 15 years in the industry, Tod transitioned from his job as an auto technician to a life as a computer technician. He says he was looking for a better, cleaner work environment. “Working on cars isn’t the easiest on the body, either,” he explains.

He started working as a Microsoft Systems Engineer in 2001. He applied for the job with Future Link 9 years ago, after finding out about the position through an acquaintance.

In a typical day at Future Link, Tod supports servers and computers, printers and firewalls. He spends about half his time on site at client locations, and the rest of his time at the office. He does a lot of migrations, including server and email migrations. He’s also done trainings; some in groups, mostly one-on-one. Some of his biggest migrations to date include an email migration involving 110 mailboxes, and server rollouts that take months to complete. 

Tod grew up in Chicago, but spent almost 23 years living in Florida. He moved back to the area to be closer to family, but sometimes questions the decision because of the high taxes! 

Tod feels like he brings experience, wisdom and maturity to the team. Managing migrations is a particular skill, and he’s happy to help out others doing the same. 

Outside office hours, he has a rich personal life with many hobbies. He spends a lot of time hanging with his niece and nephew, collecting vintage stereo equipment, and tinkering with his classic cars (a 1970 Plymouth GTX and a 1972 Plymouth Duster).

Tod also likes collecting and restoring gas engines, as well. At the moment, he has just one completed gas engine that he displays at antique tractor shows.

Building guitars (the bodies) and painting them appeals to Tod. Around 10-12 years ago, he started playing the instrument. He calls himself a “couch player.” When asked if he ever jams with Carl Roedel, Future Link’s Cofounder and CEO, Tod confirms that he has. He hopes someday they can play Plush by Stone Temple Pilots together, though finding the time to practice together can be tough.  

Tod finished his interview with one last comment: “A lot of people think people in IT are little nerdy guys, sitting in the dark with a keyboard, and we’re not all like that.”

So true. Rock on, Tod!

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