Like many of the professionals at Future Link, Jimi Holakovsky wears many hats. From internet service to tech dispatch, Jimi bounces back and forth between his two roles with ease. You’d never guess that he came to Future Link after 11 years as a carpenter.

It was Marty Mingl, President and co-founder of Future Link, who helped Jimi secure his first position at Future Link. At the time they were neighbors, living just two houses away from each other. 

When Jimi injured his shoulder on the job, he needed a career change. “I was willing to learn whatever was necessary,” he recalls. He started as an apprentice, and soon stepped into a position in sales. Marty became like a big brother to him. 

New to the industry, Jimi trained on the job. He says it was his greatest challenge at Future Link: learning the ropes. The team was supportive, though, and that made a big difference. Everyone helped him. “If I didn’t know anything, I asked, and they’d guide me through step-by-step. ‘This is what I do, why I do it.'” 

Now Jimi handles leads coming in through the website – most are people who are unhappy with their current internet service providers, usually the bigger companies.

“We’re proactive,” Jimi explains the difference. “We make sure people get the speeds we promise. And our monthly price will never go up, because customers lock in their rate when they sign up.”

Jimi throws himself into his job. He takes mailers to the post office in batches of up to 3,000 at a time. Sometimes you can find Jimi on the phone until 11:00 at night, talking to customers. “Unless I’m sleeping, I get back to the customer right away,” he says.

When asked what Jimi believes to be his contribution to the team at Future Link, he responds: “Motivation.” Part of his job as an IT dispatch is to motivate the team and give them direction. Maintaining focus is important for the technicians, and Jimi feels like he can help with that.  

In a typical day at Future Link, he serves on the front line for service questions, then he assigns and dispatches available techs. He ensures that each tech is properly matched for the job. In between, he responds to Internet service inquiries. He’s usually working on 4 or 5 things at a time.  

What he most enjoys about working at Future Link is that he gets the chance to help people. He enjoys talking to people on a daily basis, providing as much help as he can, as fast as he can, and trying to make everyone happy. “I feel that’s my job,” he says. “And it’s important to get the job done in a timely manner.”

Was it hard to adjust to life at Future Tech, after 11 years as a carpenter? “It’s night and day,” Jimi reports. “Out there in the trade, it’s really fast-paced. There’s a lot of yelling. It’s fast paced here, but it’s an office. I just need to walk around.” At Future Tech, he’s proud to do the work that he’s been given. “As long as I get my work done, I’m happy.” 

Outside work, Jimi purchased a house in St. Charles; working on it occupies a lot of his time. He started a softball team for the company and expects to be busy with that when the weather warms up. He likes the camaraderie of hanging out with the team outside of work. 

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