Second in a series

One advantage of IP camera surveillance systems is that they can be managed and controlled remotely.

This makes troubleshooting your system comparatively simple. Using a laptop, you can easily check the function of each camera. Analog cameras, on the other hand, require that you physically check each camera.

IP cameras also make it possible to view real time or recorded video on your computer or mobile device. This means you can monitor your surveillance locations from anywhere.

Other features

Some newer IP cameras come with additional features and enhancements. For example, IP cameras can be motion sensitive – only activated when motion is detected. This helps to limit how much space is needed for storage on the DVR.

In addition, an IP system can send you automatic alert notifications of motion via email or text. If recording audio, the system can also detect a loud noise. You can be notified immediately.

Next week, should you record video and audio?