end of life

end of life

The SonicWALL TZ210 is approaching the End of Life (EOL). Factors like Web 2.0 applications, streaming video, evolving threats and new threat delivery vectors are overwhelming both the security and performance of traditional firewalls. The stateful packet inspection firewalls installed over the years by many organizations are unable to detect malware embedded in network traffic, nor are they able to identify and control applications being used on the network.

What does this mean?  Basically the Manufacturer (DELL) has decided that they will no longer support the device or provide updates or maintain the firewall policies to continue to plug holes as they are exploited.

Similar to the End of Support to XP there will not longer be any updates to the security policies. Your SonicWALL will continue to work however since it’s primary purpose is to secure your network we would recommend replacing the unit. Due to changing threats and the software will be experiencing performance issues and many clients will start turning off protections to allow for network performance and that is never a good solution.


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