Back in the day, computers were mostly thought of as a way to speed up computations. That all changed in the early 60s when psychologist J.C.R Licklider promoted the idea of global networking in a series of memos describing an “Intergalactic Computer Network.”

Licklider imagined an electronic commons – serving as “the main and essential medium of informational interaction for governments, institutions, corporations, and individuals.” By the late 1960s, his ideas had inspired a primitive network called ARPANET, which later expanded into a network of networks that became known as the Internet.

While not on an intergalactic scale, today we do have Internet service available the world over. That doesn’t mean, however, that all Internet access service is the same.

In addition to differences in capacity and speed, providers differ in their terms, conditions and cost. For example, many providers hit you with and array of mysterious fees, taxes and equipment rental charges. Many also impose restrictive transfer limits and overage fees.

We are a different type of Internet provider. Future Link IT provides reliable business and residential high speed Internet service throughout the Chicagoland suburbs with no mystery fees added – ever.

Our top-notch Internet service is backed by a team of local technicians available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Even better, we have no transfer limits, and no overage fees. The rates we promote are the actual amounts you will pay. 

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