Thanks to the internet at our fingertips, we live in a world of near-instant gratification. Seek, the internet says, and ye shall find.

  • Need the latest statistics for your industry? A quick Google search will connect you with the right resource.
  • Want to impress your family with a new recipe using only what you have in your fridge? Simply follow along on that blog that shows you a step-by-step tutorial.
  • Ready to catch up on your favorite show after a hard week of work, not to mention painstakingly avoiding spoilers? There’s nothing more relaxing than a good binge-watch.

When you’re using the internet for nearly everything – sharing your latest press release on LinkedIn, looking up restaurant reviews, Googling your kids’ homework questions, or shopping online – you know how frustrating it can be when your internet service gets interrupted or slows to a crawl, whether you’re in your business or home.

A slow internet connection can bring down a whole office, especially when you need to communicate back-and-forth with your satellite office through email, download new software for presentations, or upload your latest marketing videos (though it does give you time to mull over whether that new tapeworm mascot was, in fact, a great idea).

But it’s possible that you don’t have those sorts of issues because you’re already a Future Link customer… and that means you can be the hero of your friends, family, or colleagues (cape not included).

Future Link is a different kind of internet service provider, one where you’ll actually get the speed you’re paying for. It may seem like a novel idea, but since we don’t oversubscribe customers, you can rest assured that your internet experience will be a smooth, traffic-free ride. (Wish we could say the same about the traffic jam on your way to work, too.)

We’ve got 10-15Mb plans that work better than most of the 50Mb plans out there, don’t hit you with mysterious “equipment charges” or overage fees, and most importantly, we provide fast response times and consistent speed on both uploads and downloads.

And though it may sound antiquated, real people are readily waiting and available to respond and answer any questions and concerns you might have. (I repeat: real, live humans await your call.)

Future Link provides reliable business and residential Internet service throughout the Chicagoland suburbs, so that you can share what matters to you with friends and family, or get more business done in less time.

So you know what’s better than being able to stream Netflix without your video constantly buffering? Doing that for a whole month for FREE.  As a current Future Link customer, you know how great our service can be. So why not tell a friend? If you refer a friend or business to Future Link and they sign up, you’ll get a whole month of service for free.

If you know someone who needs better internet (and who doesn’t?), send them our way. Future Link will keep you online and move your data fast, so you can focus on saving the world – or, helping your fourth-grader with his math homework. Check for Internet service in your area here.