reducing technology costsReducing Technology Costs can happen with Remote Monitoring

When you have someone focusing on the bigger picture for your business, you will see that even the smallest details tend to make a huge difference when it comes to reducing technology costs. Costs of failed systems can generally be quantified by adding together vendor bills, employee salaries, materials and productivity lost but you could greatly reduce these numbers simply by implementing a network monitoring plan.

  1. Obtain real time data and analytics – Knowing how your system is performing and where the weak links are is a powerful tool. Network monitoring reviews potential outages, performance and capacity and ensures that your technology can handle your business needs. If you know when your technology needs servicing or replacing before it breaks down, the cost and lost time is greatly reduced.
  2. Reduce incident turnaround time – Social media marketing plans, increased email, additional product SKUs and sales, and other daily growth activities increase your dependence on the internet and will put strain on any system. By the time your administrators or users realize the effects on the system, your Internet comes to a screeching halt or your hard drive is maxed out and will crash without warning. With real-time monitoring, these overloads would have been recognized and a solution implemented without much of your business realizing there was ever an issue.
  3. Bring your own (BYO) device is proving challenging – As the business world adapts to new technologies, there is a constant influx of new devices, software and stress on the network coming through your business doors. Remote access by employees and cloud computing are further bogging down a system that is already trying to monitor for viruses and user overload. A remote tech team is much better equipped to keep up with changing technology, proactively suggest changes to protect your network from BYO devices and to keep your system running at optimal levels.
  4. Planned spending keeps you balanced – Its simple math really, but each time you make a service call there are obvious expenses – technician time, material costs, lost labor, etc. When you have an IT team monitoring your system you stay ahead of the maintenance schedule and can plan multiple actions at the same time. A technician traveling once to your office and keeping them busy on multiple upgrades is less expensive than if he were sitting idle while new software loads.

Disaster prevention should be at the top of the priority list for any size business and enlisting a tech team, like those at Future Link IT, to handle system monitoring will prove a solid return on your investment. Keeping you up and running and maintaining a schedule for maintenance and upgrades means the difference between being in business and being out of business.