ERP SoftwareHave you discovered that your business is not using all the features of your ERP software? If you reflect back on your progress, you most likely bought and implemented the software for obvious reasons such as efficiency, tracking and growth. Somewhere along the line, you stopped working the system. Perhaps the order took too long to enter, or the bin location information became inaccurate; whatever the reason now you need a fix, quick!

Top two reasons companies stop using their ERP software:

  1. It takes time to enter data – Someone has to enter the inventory data and ensure the accuracy of that input. If multiple people are handing this operation it is easy to assume someone else is doing the work or to end up with inconsistencies in data entry. Both can result in a gradual stoppage of use.
  1. It’s confusing and inconsistent – Inventory from deliveries can wreak havoc on receiving departments if there is too much delivered at once and nowhere for the shipment to go. This typical receiving system means boxes are placed randomly throughout warehouses and counts end up wrong in the system. Inaccurate counts then result in orders that don’t match your needs.

As the ERP software installed becomes less intuitive to your business processes and manual manipulation requirements increase, there is more work required and inaccurate annual inventory results. This gradual downward spiral is not what you envisioned when you purchased the software and eventually your business stops using the ERP software all together.

Customization to your software can provide a more intuitive ERP system that makes your entry easy, accurate and reliable. When you simplify your data entry you save on labor as well. The best solution for better ERP would be to customize the software to simplify the data entry via a mobile device, tablet or a hand-held scanner that can connect your receiving department, to your work in progress records, to your order entry and finally to your accounting.

Top benefits of ERP Software with a hand-held scanner:

  1. Efficiency and accuracy: Your receiving department can scan the product UPC or container info, add counts and even enter the exact aisle and shelf location of the product with a hand-held. This means less time lost searching for products the computer claims are somewhere in the warehouse.
  2. Immediate integration: Customized software and technology allow for entering in real time data with low human error. Reporting becomes a simple process allowing your business to respond quickly to requests and issues that arise.
  3. Quality customer service: Just like your warehouse knows what is coming in and where it is placed, your customer service now knows exactly what is in the building enabling them to respond quickly building better relationships with your customers and growing your business accordingly.
  4. Spot-on accounting: Accuracy and security are vitally important and are a direct reflection of your ERP information. When your data is entered correctly and timely you can then make projections and reach goals the way your business was intended.