abstractd-technology-vector-background-80313As 2014 comes to a close and we look to the future, we explore the new gadgets and new technology set to hit the business class solutions market next year.

The pace of change in IT today is greater than ever and 2015 looks likely to be a big year for tech breakthroughs, particularly in the business world. It’s never easy to predict if any of these will actually change the world however, there’s no arguing that they’re some of the most highly anticipated new business technologies coming in the year ahead.

3D Printing. It’s fun and exciting and the applications are endless. It is estimated that worldwide shipments of 3D Printers could grow 98% in 2015, followed by a doubling of shipments in 2016. New industrial, biomedical and consumer applications will continue to demonstrate that 3D printing is a real, viable and cost effective. Worth mentioning:  a high school engineering class near Rockford is responsible for making an affordable prosthetic hand for a 9-year old, who would otherwise go without if required to purchase a traditional prosthetic.

Analytics takes center stage. As the volume of data generated by embedded systems increases and vast pools of structured and unstructured data inside and outside the enterprise are analyzed, every app now needs to have analytics built in. Companies need to filter, analyze and manage their data coming from every technology and software running and redistribute it to the right person at the right time. The result is answers and direction derived from the endless data being collected.

New Wi-Fi standards. Perhaps the most anticipated tech change of the future is the promise of new Wi-Fi standards. Emerging standards such as 802.11 ac, 11ad, and 11ah will be increasing Wi-Fi performance in 2015. New standards and performance speeds as well as demands on Wi-Fi infrastructure will increase along with the appearance of Wi-Fi enabled devices in today’s leading organizations. These changes aren’t just set for 2015; these improved standards will be introduced over the next three years.

Cloud Interconnect. The interconnect gives customers new ways to link to the company’s private network. New services that allow applications that are easily moved access documents from multiple devices, manage revisions without managing an internal network and a mobile documents directory. A jump like this allows for access to critical data while keeping privileges private and secure, it will allow for predicting and managing costs, and maintain application availability with reliable 24/7 connectivity.

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