Our newest Internet service tower is a personal triumph, bringing #FutureLinkInternet to my home turf: unincorporated Elburn, Maple Park, Kaneland, Virgil, Lily Lake and Cortland. The new service tower is in Maple Park, extending coverage west from our 3 towers in Elburn and Kaneland High School. (Read on for a special Maple Park homes deal!) I started talks with the municipal board about a new tower because I heard a lot of my neighbors complaining. About not getting speed they’re paying for from their current, oversubscribed provider. Or about paying too much for slow satellite service with overage charges or relying on expensive pay-as-you-go cellular data. So, neighbor, if you’re ready for better Internet service than what you currently experience—*cough* your cable or DSL company *cough*let’s chat:

  • We’re fast and affordable because we don’t oversubscribe. Many of our clients swear they get faster speeds with our 15-25 Mb plans than they ever got from cable “50 Mb” plans.
  • You’ll never get overage or hidden fees. You won’t get billed for “too much Internet” on our plans. (Is there such a thing?) You won’t see hidden taxes or mystery FCC fees.
  • We price for life. We don’t play the “intro rate” game many of our competitors do. You won’t sign up only to have your fees jacked up 6 months later. We’ll never increase your rate for your plan—and, you can always upgrade, or switch to a new plan altogether when your contract is up, if a cheaper, faster plan becomes available. (You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.)
  • We can increase your plan within 24 hours without an in-person visit. So, you can start conservative and increase as needed without inconvenient and time-consuming installations.

Unhappy with your Internet service provider? Check us out and #FutureLinkInternet on.


for Maple Lake water tower residences. The first 10 new customers get: FREE install + choice of 2 months’ FREE service -or- FREE lifetime service upgrade package. That means you can get the 25Mb plan for the 15Mb price… for life!