high speed internetOn October 29, 1969, UCLA student Charles Kline sent the first message over a computer network (later known as the Internet). Though only the “l” and “o” of his intended message (“login”) made it through, the transmission ushered in a revolution that has totally changed our lives.

Nearly 50 years since that first message was sent, we login to the Internet for virtually everything – communication, research, shopping, data storage and computing. More than ever, you need the right type of Internet connection and one on which you can rely.

Not all Internet Service is the Same 

Though there are many providers, not all high speed Internet access service is created equal. Today, there are two main types of broadband Internet access – best effort and dedicated. Best effort, primarily provided via cable, DSL, and satellite is what most of us have at home and work.

When a service is “best-effort,” it means that the advertised speed is the upper limit of what you may actually get. If you’re purchasing a 20 Mbps best-effort plan, for example, you may only reach speeds of up to 20 Mbps during off-peak times.

Best Effort Plans

Best effort plans have several benefits. The main benefit is that they are relatively inexpensive for the consumer. However, there are some caveats:

  • Typically, speeds are asynchronous. This means that you’ll receive faster download than upload speeds. Though not always a disadvantage, business users especially require more consistent (synchronous) speeds.
  • Because many cable and DSL providers are oversubscribed, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually receive the maximum download speed advertised. Think of how frustrating it is when you’re stuck in a traffic jam or when five other people are waiting to use the one working treadmill at your gym.

Internet With a Difference

We are a different kind of provider. At Future Link, we offer broadband Internet service for business and residential users that provides fast response times and consistent speed on both uploads and downloads.

We don’t oversubscribe. While our service is indeed “best effort”, many of our customers comment that they get better results with our 10 or 15Mb plans than they used to get from the 50Mb plan offered by their cable provider.

Call us today to find out more about our residential and business Internet service.