In 2019, more than half of all IT security professionals reported that their stress levels were increasing. For many, this is the result of the constant barrage of email attacks that affect 85 percent or more of U.S.-based companies each year. And unlike many scams, which impact only the employees or company files themselves, email scams can hit businesses where it hurts the most: their reputation.

Getting the “slow internet connection” error on Zoom or your latest Facebook Live? 

You’re not alone—with the coronavirus pandemic keeping millions of workers and students at home, just about everyone is spending more time online these days. Streaming meetings and accessing e-learning websites can use major bandwidth during peak hours.

The last thing you want is to be kicked off a video call with your boss (or, even worse, have your internet crash while your child is uploading a math assignment!)

So there’s never been a better time to examine whether your internet service provider (ISP) is meeting your needs. How can Future Link IT offer faster, better internet service during (and after) the COVID-19 crisis?

How Future Link IT differs from “the big guys”

As we detailed in this post, if the internet is a highway, bandwidth is the number of available lanes—and if you’ve ever spent much time driving around Chicago, you know that even a dozen or more lanes are no match for hundreds of thousands of vehicles traveling at once.

When major internet service providers upsell high-speed packages to their customers but don’t create enough “lanes” to accommodate the needs of their entire subscriber base at once, the network will become bogged down. This means that the 50+ megabits per second (Mbps) package you’re paying for may not even be enough to stream Netflix when many other subscribers are on at once, let alone handle the needs of a work-from-home, school-from-home household.

But Future Link’s data “highways” are designed to handle peak-level traffic at all times, particularly after our recent network expansion. Many of our clients find that these extra lanes make our 15-25 Mb plans seem even faster than the major ISPs’ plans advertised as 50 Mb or higher because all these Mbs are available for use at all times.

We’re here for you during this unprecedented time

We’re continuing to perform new customer installations and service calls—all while respecting the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. We’re working with residents and business owners to limit person-to-person contact, both for customers’ safety and the safety of our team.

Future Link IT truly understands the importance of a strong internet connection during these stressful and extraordinary times, and we’re committed to helping our customers achieve and maintain the internet service they need. 

If you’re unhappy with your current internet service, want to improve your speed to accommodate your shelter-in-place needs, or need some technical assistance, check here for service and pricing in your area or schedule a call to be connected with one of our experienced technicians.