Man in home office on telephone using computer and frowningDo you have Managed IT Support or are you using the “call us when you need us” approach?

Managed IT Support is when your company negotiates a fixed fee and contract. The benefit? With this approach your company gains a specific set of recurring deliverables that ensures a reliable IT infrastructure. The benefit to the “call us when you need us”?  hmmm.. not sure

As a decision-maker you are compelled to cope with a shrinking budget and fewer resources. Ultimately, you’re responsible for a network that must be available and working at maximum capacity to keep the business operation at its best. Yet, you also need to lead its evolution with an eye on the future. It’s not a surprise that you might be feeling a little frustrated. So how can Managed IT Support help?

Your success depends on technology. Managed IT service delivers dependability to your business. It’s a great way to improve service levels and reduce cost without losing strategic and financial control. Instead of the reactive time and materials approach, now your IT service provider proactively works on everything in your IT network with the goal of keeping your business running!

Work smarter not harder. Having to be bogged down with the frustrations of your employees and systems that are not operating at 100 percent is not how you should be spending your own time and resources. Simple day-to-day tasks still take up valuable in-house skills and resources. Partnering with an outside IT company will offer you predictable costs and guaranteed service levels as well as free up your time for more valuable matters.

Spend your money wisely. It just makes sense to use the money in your budget for contracted services verses a full time IT employee that still gets paid when he is idle and has nothing to fix. Managed IT utilizes advanced processes, tools, and methodologies to deliver superior services that match your specific business needs.  You can choose from a variety of service plans from routing system maintenance and management to complete IT outsourcing.

Everyone works together on the same team, on the same page and has the same goals. If we look at this from the business owner or CEO’s perspective, IT management or outsourcing allows you and your IT provider to both be working in tandem for the same result. Your company will have a reliable IT infrastructure that requires virtually no unplanned support. Your employees will be happy and more productive because all your IT functions are working at their full potential.  The ultimate goal is that the support your IT services partner offers becomes so proactive that neither of you ever have to worry about any service issues nor any increases in expenses related to supporting your business.

No more crazy bills when disaster strikes. The “call us when you need us” approach typically leads you down a long expensive road. With little knowledge of the history of your system, research time is required before work starts and is usually followed by a trial-and-error approach. All this effort means your system is down, employees are frustrated and bills are running up. A fixed fee approach means you have a team that knows your system, can come in quickly to make fixes, and your even billing cycle doesn’t abuse the bottom line.

If Managed IT has piqued your interest, the team at Future Link IT is happy to discuss things further and find a fit that is right for the size of your company and your budget.

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