Computers aren’t perfect. So when they break down, you have three choices for IT support: bring in someone to fix the immediate problem, contract with a firm to maintain as needed, or contract with a managed services provider who anticipates problems and solves them before they affect your business.

Which approach is right for you and when should you make the switch?

Picking the Right Approach for IT

Any owner of any electronic device has suffered through the “fix this problem” approach. Each time, a new tech person starts from step one (“did you reboot?”) and drags you through every intermediate step that failed before. So let’s cross the fix-it approach off the list right away. You haven’t the time or budget or patience to run a business on that basis.

With on-demand IT services, a technician comes in when you ask; often, the same technician will provide continuity of services. That approach can work for quite a long time, until you have multiple computers, employees, or locations all demanding the same technician’s attention and giving contradictory information about your company’s needs.

A managed services provider (MSP) operates like an in-house IT department but without the overhead: managed services may include hardware evaluation and maintenance, software installation, update installation, 24/7 monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, security, and strategic planning and advice. Under the best conditions, you develop a relationship of trust with an MSP.

Making the Switch

When you start facing a new interruption to business every month or every week and when you are ready to implement long-lasting, cost-effective solutions, it is time to switch to a managed services provider. You need a dedicated MSP who believes in customer service, anticipates changes, and knows how they will impact your computer system. An MSP takes the time and interest to understand your overall and long-term business needs, not just the problem of the moment.

Who to Choose?

When selecting an MSP, look for:

  • Defined services, so that you know exactly what is on offer and what you are paying for.
  • Low turnover and consistency in support, so that you aren’t starting from the beginning with a new IT person each time you connect.
  • Visible support, with 24/7 monitoring, smooth updates, and an established backup and disaster recovery protocol.
  • Certifications and, if needed, experience in dealing with compliance issues, such as HIPAA.

Future Link is more than an MSP. We’re an MSSP; we are a managed services and security provider. As your needs grow, we grow with you. We customize all of our Managed Services Plans to meet each customer’s specific needs and budget—no cookie cutter solutions. Let’s work together to create a managed services and security package that benefits your company now and far into the future.