DNAUp to 3 months free Internet for Elgin Downtown Neighboorhood Association Members.

Did you know there is a Local Internet company IN Elgin?  Future Link IT Offices are on Chicago Street Downtown Elgin.

Future Link IT has been a member of the DNA since 2013 and Chris Higgins the sales manager at Future Link IT was a board member for the DNA for over 3 years.


The Deal is simple…

Mention that you are a DNA member and receive 1 month free for every year of our contract.  You want a 1 yr. contract receive 1 month free, you contract for 3 years get 3 months free.  it is that simple.

Future Link IT is Local Service Provider with Offices in Elgin IL

  • Price For Life Guarantee – your price will not skyrocket when your contract is up
  • No Limits No Throttling – we will not block or slow down traffic like the cable providers
  • Fast service
  • Bursting allows large files fast


For Pricing and to receive Promo Call

Chris Higgins 224-523-8063


For more information on our internet service go to.