Fix or replace? That’s the age-old question when something goes wrong.

Recently, a new client hired us to fix a printing issue not resolved by their former IT company. As a busy tax accounting and bookkeeping firm, down time was not an option. Multiple failed attempts to print prompted a call to Future Link.

It turned out that an employees’ computer operating system had been corrupted, but the client did not have the media necessary to repair it.

We came to a fork in the road: the system could be fixed, but it would take more than four hours to complete the project. In addition, the computer was “vintage” (at least five years old), making it more difficult to keep essential software up-to-date and electronic protections in place.

Many companies would have advised the client to “fix” the old system and charged by the hour to make the time consuming repair. We came up with a more cost-effective solution: replace the soon-to-be obsolete computer with a new system and have our company set it up with all of the required software, including essentials for the bookkeeper.

Problem solved!

Sure, the total cost for our client came out to be a bit more than the cost of a repair. But, the company can now count upon years of increased productivity with a faster machine and system in place.

Our focus on the best solution is a critical part of your partnership with Future Link IT. Call us to find out more about the advantages of working with us.