Are you getting good customer service from your IT support provider?

It’s an important question. Who you select as your IT support provider can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Not all IT support companies are the same. Each has different capabilities and strengths. Each has a different approach and way of doing business. However, every IT company should provide good customer service to their clients.

But, what is good customer service? What exactly should you expect from your IT service company?

  1. They should meet with you regularly to discuss your concerns

Your IT service should meet with you regularly to discuss goals and keep you up-to-date on system maintenance, upgrades and security.

  1. They should take your unique needs into account

Although many business use similar tools, systems and processes – no two companies are exactly alike. Your IT company should take the time to learn your business and customize solutions that help you to operate at peak efficiency.

  1. They should be proactive

It’s better to prevent problems than to try to fix them after the damage has been done. Your IT support firm should undertake preventative maintenance and planning – not just respond when something goes wrong.

If you only see your IT support company when something goes wrong and something always seems to go wrong, there is a problem. Similarly, if you experience the same malfunction repeatedly with no resolution, there is a problem.

  1. They should have the capacity to grow with your business

Small IT support companies may only have one or two technicians. They can have issues servicing customers during a big project, when techs are on vacation or when they gain a new client.

Due to their size, many small IT support companies may also be unable to keep pace with your growth. If your business has grown and your provider is no longer capable of supporting a business your size, you’ll need to switch providers to maintain your company’s productivity.

  1. They should not sell you things you do not need

Anything your IT firm suggests should be in line with your business needs and developed through thoughtful planning. Products and services should serve to enhance your capacity, speed and security and not just their bottom line.

Similarly, your IT support company may overcharge for products and services. If you feel this is the case, it’s time to get a second opinion.

How we can help

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