Image courtesty of patrisyu at FreeDigitalImages.netWe love to talk tech and at this time of year, we love to discover what New Technology Trends are on the horizon for 2016 and beyond.

Last year we speculated on 3D Printing, iTwin, Cloud Connecting and Wi-Fi Standards. While some of these new technology trends have come to fruition, some are still laying their stonework. Things that made a mark last year we didn’t talk about, but we love are: 1Terabyte SD Memory Cards and The Solar Impulse Flights. While many of us won’t feel the need or impact of such innovations, they are none the less amazing accomplishments to be noted.

With such giant accomplishments, what new technology trends could 2016 bring us that will be an even bigger jaw dropper?

First, the Sunscreen Pill. Developers are working from sun up to sun down to create the pill from coral that protects the skin and eyes against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Going further, there are hopes that this development could lead to sun-tolerant crops boosting the world food supply.

Second, we are hoping that Intel will launch their Light Peak – a possible USB replacement or at least some great competition. This high-speed optical cable technology is supposed to be faster than any 5Gb/s speed promised by USBs. According to early reports the Light Peak holds a speed record of 10Gb/s and is increasing. In laymen’s terms imagine copying or sharing entire hard drives in just seconds.

Third, skip the password for security as new technology will use your biological makeup to secure your data. DNA, fingerprints, retinal scans could all be jumping off the 007 James Bond screen and into our lives. Microsoft has already released a fingerprint scanner device to allow users to access its operating system without a password, and Google has released a facial recognition feature to allow users to access their Android-based smartphones.

Fourth – our favorite is the rise and integration of mobile gadgets into daily useful items. Multipurposing our wearable gadgets will slow the need to own and carry a desktop, laptop, phones, eReader, etc… The medical industry has advanced way beyond using a watch as a heartrate and sleep monitor. Phones have become cameras so who needs both – certainly not our scientists. Technology is integrating into every part of our lives creating new opportunities to better ourselves and our lives.

Fifth, for our gaming friends out there, watch for HoloLens by Microsoft. A fully untethered holographic computing system for the business industry as well as the gaming community. This is a new way to learn and teach and explore our digital world in a more realistic way.

What do you hope to see in 2016 and what was your favorite from 2015? Share your ideas and maybe we can come up with the next big thing!


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