FLIDECHiring is a technique that requires an acute ability to read between the lines.

We’ve all heard the stories of promises made and personalities matched in the interview process only to watch them fade away immediately upon hiring. Don’t let this be your story when you decide to hire an IT consulting company. There are several key factors to keep in mind when finding the right IT company – and these won’t necessarily be something you can just ask during the interview process.

Goals: Make sure they are the same: Before you start looking for an IT consulting company, list and prioritize your company goals. Your list may include things like data security, reporting, punctuality, technological advances, and cost management. Whatever they are write them down in order of importance and with details, then when meeting the IT teams you will easily see if their goals and yours match up.

Bundle: Don’t make the mistake of hiring a-la-cart services. A provider of managed network services isn’t the same as a provider of basic maintenance services. A vendor, for example, may only look after its own brand of technologies in your network, but has no visibility or say over the rest. A managed network service provider provides a complete service package – think bundled services – but is also not the same as an outsourcer. With an outsourced model, the provider is both responsible and accountable for the infrastructure. The provider owns the strategy and the financial management and, after consulting with you they provide a service back to you at a negotiated service level. With a managed network service plan, you retain financial and strategic control as well as accountability. The service provider is responsible only for the day-to-day operations.

Balance: Too much or too little. Just like Goldilocks had to take time to find the right porridge and bed, you need to take time to find an IT Consultant who offers just the right balance of knowledge, experience and size to work with your business. If the team is too small, you could end up with a single IT consultant who may not have the experience, scalability, resources or flexibility to support your growing needs. However, choosing an IT management company that’s too big may not provide the accessibility or “personal touch” you require. Ideally you should hire a company that is big enough to offer the facilities, services and expertise you expect and small enough to provide the support and attention you deserve.

Turnkey: Think reliable, dependable and proactive. Imagine an IT partner who is already working on the job before you even know it’s an issue! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they just moved forward and got it done? As an added bonus you don’t have the headache of trying to do it yourself and your employees are suddenly happier and more productive. When you have partnered with the right team who understands your goals, provides complete services, and can act quickly your IT needs will no longer be a financial and emotional headache.

Now that you have a plan and clear direction, we’d like to make your process even simpler. Future Link IT is the best in IT Consulting and IT Support. From help desk support, regulatory compliance and on-demand access to your business data, cloud computing and fully managed IT support, FLI is the right choice.

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