Elgin water tower Up to 3 months free Internet for Whats Happening in Elgin IL Users.

Did you know Future Link IT is a Local Internet Service provider?  Yes we are and our offices are in Downtown Elgin in the old Leath Building on Chicago Street.



The Deal is Simple

1. Mention the What’s Happening in Elgin IL FB Page

2. Receive 1 month free for every year of your contract – Future Link IT has Internet contracts up to 3 years.


Future Link IT is Local Service Provider with Offices in Elgin IL

  • Price For Life Guarantee – your price will not skyrocket when your contract is up
  • No Limits No Throttling – we will not block or slow down traffic like the cable providers
  • Fast service
  • Bursting allows large files fast

For Pricing and to receive Promo Call

Chris Higgins 224-523-8063

For more information on our internet service go to.