get onlineEvaluating internet service for your home or business doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

If the information below doesn’t help, our team of IT experts can!

According to The Internet Marketplace, the fastest internet speed available in Illinois is 1024 Mbps and the average speed is 53.6 MBPS – this beats the national average which is only 41.7 Mbps. Do these numbers really matter to you if your service is spotty and throttled during hi-use times? Probably not, but there are some things to consider when looking into internet service for your home or business.

What is the best ISP in my area?     The best service provider for you will depend first on what’s available in your area and then second on what you plan to do while online. Larger families and home-based business that do a lot of streaming, downloading and multi-users may require faster service. Business plans definitely require quality, fast support teams.

How can I expect to receive my service?    Near largely populated cities and for businesses, fiber-optic and cables are the standard and rely on the newest technology to get you the information you need. If you are a homeowner or reside in a more rural location, you could be looking at DSL, Dial Up or Wireless technology.


Dial-Up Service Availability = 100%

DSL Service Availability = 35%

Wireless Service Availability = 28%

Broadband Service Availability = 3%

Is big business better?     According to, bigger isn’t always the best way to go when you are investing in a service that will get your family and your business online the way you expect.

Most Popular in Illinois

Comcast – Rates best in Speed but loses ground in Value

AT&T –Rates highest in Value but tends to be last in terms of Quality and Promise

Charter – Rates highest in Quality and Promise but loses ground in Value

Sometimes it feels like you’ve done your research, but are not getting what you think you should. We’ve talked about throttling and will again tell you that Future Link IT is the only local internet provider that does not throttle – guaranteed.

Sometimes your service isn’t the best choice, but the only choice given your location.

Sometimes doesn’t have to be your situation. Future Link IT offers internet service for home and business – check out our webpage  to see if we can help you.


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