Police, EMT, fire and even waterway agencies use computer technology for processing data, but do you have what you need to use it effectively and efficiently?

There are mobile and in-car solutions that include tablets and hand-held devices for pulling up a suspect’s history, dispensing citations and even relaying data back to the station in real time. These tools have changed the way the public sector works, but is it enough? It may be time for a comprehensive analysis of your process. Discover better solutions and save your department money. If your network isn’t communicating quickly or perhaps your bandwidth is too slow when reporting from the field – working quickly is critical to your field staff – there must be a reason and there is certainly a solution.

There are challenges for any municipality and Future Link is working hard to provide solutions that meet these needs and will grow with the department. With budgets tight but firewalls under fire and communications in need of an overhaul, the City of McHenry contacted Future Link for a comprehensive analysis.

The solution provided higher speed and uninterrupted internet service, stronger email tools, highly reliable equipment, and local 24/7 support at a 36% reduction in annual costs. Read the case studies and report for more details.

Future Link IT provides the right tools for your business:
• Server and PC Upgrades
• Hardware Tune Ups
• Back Up and Firewall Review
• Hosting Management
• Email Clean Up
• Internet Security
• Phone Service

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