MP900316511Despite the sound of the name, the Dual Wan is not a Star Wars character.

The flow of water into and out of your house typically goes through a very large pipe. Most of the time, this pipe holds up well and delivers what you need; but sometimes, without warning, your pipe clogs and no water can go anywhere.

Now imagine if your house had two different pipes coming from two different municipalities providing you a backup water supply. It would be very rare that both would clog at the same time. You would feel much more secure knowing that if one pipe clogged you could go down to the basement and manually close off one pipe and open up the other. This is kind of a hassle but provides you peace of mind.

Now imagine a third option that allows water from two services to flow into the same pipe and whenever one gets clogged the other automatically takes over. You have just experienced Dual Wan.

For large businesses, this imaginary scenario plays out in reality with their internet service. Depending on use and reliability, your AT&T or Comcast service could drop for minutes, hours or days rendering your business dead in the water. Back up options including DSL and T1s have issues such as cost and reliability as well.  Dual Wan comes in when your business needs to be up and running 24/7.

Businesses that can benefit from a Dual Wan Router:

Expectations for high levels of quality productivity

Required to share large volumes of data

Need to run active an eCommerce site

Companies engaging in critical business communications

Businesses that expect a reliable and accurate backup.

The Dual Wan Router is the best reliability solution and will even let you control who is designated as your primary and who is your secondary service provider. We’re guessing that any medium to large sized business has most of these requirements and can’t afford the repercussions of downtime.

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