If your in box is suddenly filling with unwanted mail, you may be seeing the results of the new domain extension causing SPAM.

Managing Spam is fluid and ever changing.  Spam scores are constantly being updated and your spam filter updates and changes how it scores emails depending on the spam filter between every hour to once a month.  The spam filters are trying to keep up as spammers change how they are sending mail.

When we are reviewing SPAM logs, over 90% of emails get rejected and never make it to your quarantine or mailbox.  Then you have to balance blocking SPAM and blocking emails you need, this can be difficult.

We have discovered a new trend.  In early 2015 there were over 1000 NEW domain extensions.  We all knew the .com, .net, .org, etc. and a couple of years ago they released .biz, .info and a couple of others.  This new release includes extensions like .actor, .ads, .auto, .ninja, .pharmacy, .spa .sexy and more. Click here to see a full list. The problem is there are many SPAM blacklists out there that all of the spam filters report to, to share info.  However, NONE of the blacklists monitoring all of the 1000 new Domain extensions but a few blacklists are now reporting on some of the new extensions.  Spammers are buying up bulk bogus domain names to use and the amount of spam getting threw filters is on the rise.

Unfortunately, until the blacklists update their databases to monitor these new domain names to manage your spam is a heavily manual process.  Depending on your email service and spam filter there may be ways to block some of these domain extensions. Once you have identified the most common spam you can right policies to block all email that comes from anything at “.ninja” for example or block ranges of IPs if there are multiple extensions sending from the same place.