We use the Internet for virtually everything – communication, research, shopping, data storage and computing.

Today more than ever, you need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a connection on which you can rely.

Many people and business owners report being frustrated with their ISP. Some would gladly change providers, but do not know that there are other options available.

The Future Link Advantage

Though there are many ISPs, not all are created equal.

Like other providers, we offer broadband internet service for business and residential users. However, there are many ways in which we differ from other providers:


Unlike some providers, we offer fast response times and consistent speed on both uploads and downloads.

We don’t oversubscribe

Most DSL and cable providers are oversubscribed. They may, for example, sell 100 customers a 50MB connection, but only have 200MB available. Not surprisingly, at peak times, you may only be able to crawl along at 5MB.

Because we don’t oversubscribe, many of our customers comment that they get better results with our 10 or 15Mb plans than they used to get from the 50Mb plan offered by their cable provider.

No mystery fees 

In addition to differences in capacity and speed, ISPs differ in their terms, conditions and cost. For example, many providers hit you with and array of mysterious fees, taxes and equipment rental charges. Many also impose restrictive transfer limits and overage fees.

At Future Link, we never add mystery fees to your bill. Even better, we have no transfer  limits or overage fees. The rates we promote are the actual amounts you will pay.

We are local

We are a local, independent ISP. Our internet service for business is available in most of northern Illinois and the far western suburbs of Chicago. Residential service is available in Kane and DuPage counties.

Our top-notch internet service is backed by a team of local technicians available to answer your questions and can respond quickly to your concerns.

Call us today to find out how we can provide your home or business internet service with a difference.