image-for-Nov-Disaster-preventionThe only thing predictable about the weather is that it is unpredictable – knowing that an unexpected storm could knock out your IT network, what disaster prevention steps have you taken to keep your business running?

Power outages, system crashes, data corruption and other problems can have disastrous consequences—and could even cause a business to fail completely. International Data Corp. estimates that companies lose an average of $84,000 for every hour of unplanned downtime. According to Strategic Research, the cost of unplanned downtime is estimated at close to $90,000 per hour. If you work closely with your IT Consultant they will give you a strong line of defense against the loss of data.

Did you know? Many businesses that experience a significant loss of data never fully recover to where they were prior to the loss, and a high percentage go out of business shortly thereafter. According to a recent Touche Ross study, the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%! You would never consider running your operation without proper insurance to protect workers or limit the risks from errors or omissions. So why is it so many businesses fail to consider and invest in the safeguarding of their data and putting in place a data disaster prevention plan?

Don’t take chances. Protect your personal and business digital assets. Take a proactive approach to recovery from a disaster with preventive measures. Many businesses believe they are prepared and have taken steps to prevent data loss, such as backing up, but by housing the information in the physical building they reside they risk losing it. Did you know that 93% of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business? Partner with an IT company that will work to ensure the safety of your company’s most important asset, your data.

Backing up your data is no longer enough. The communication of your business is essential for survival. If an interruption occurs from a disaster, your customers, vendors and employees all suffer. The effects of disaster: operations at risk, system downtime and employee frustration all hit your bottom line. Work with an IT Support team who can protect your network and put a live disaster prevention solution in place.

Downtime is expensive, but securing your data isn’t. For many companies large data sizes was prohibitive for offsite backup either because of cost or time it took to back up over Internet. There is new unlimited data package to limit monthly cost of big data and new technology has decreased backup times.

Contact FutureLink IT today and we will work with you on a plan that will fit your budget and your business and prepare you for a future without a disaster.


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