Backing up your files is like eating fruits and vegetables – it’s something you know you should do more often, but don’t.

In fact, it’s estimated that 30% of people have never backed up their files. Why? Perhaps it’s just human nature to assume that the worst won’t happen.

Yet, our files are at risk. 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute. One in 10 computers are infected with viruses every month. Computers crash and fail. There’s always a risk that a natural disaster will hit your home or business and destroy your data and files.

There’s no lack of horror stories about what can happen if you don’t back up. Businesses that lose data can go out of business (or just wish they had). At home, your precious photos and important emails could be lost forever.


Imagine what would happen if you lost everything. Backup is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute must to protect your photos, songs, documents and data.

World Backup Day (March 31) calls attention to the “increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups.”

It also reminds us that backups don’t have to be complicated. A backup is simply a second copy of your files. Instead of keeping everything in one place (such as your computer) you also keep copies on an external drive or in the cloud.

Take the pledge

Take the World Backup Day pledge – “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

Tell your friends, family and co-workers too. After all, there’s no better way to show how much you care than by helping them understand the importance of regular backups.

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