Group of Business Person Learning Economic TrendsIs your business tech-ready for 2015 or are you still trying to figure out the difference between the internet and the cloud?

Sure there is software and hardware that cover your office and make your business run, but much of today’s business solutions are found online and you should be taking advantage of the merging of the real and virtual worlds. Future Link IT provides IT consulting and IT support and we have put together the top 5 technology focuses for 2015.

Mobility is Key

The users and buyers of your business products and services are changing and in many cases becoming younger and more tech savvy. Your business should too. People are accessing information 24/7 from the most remote locations. Adapting to these demands may raise significant challenges for your IT department if you’re not ready but done right you can expect to growth and success.

Analytics takes center stage

The volume of data processed through your business can be overwhelming if not harnessed and used effectively. Tools such as ERP software keep your data organized, your employees informed and your customers happy. Over the long haul, gaining access to data and understanding how to use this information will be invaluable in providing customer service and thinking beyond traditional business goals.

Cloud computing

Employees/clients are going to be located remotely more and more, so processes that can be synchronized and managed via cloud computing and across multiple portable devices is going to be essential. While your software may still favor locality and a network of servers, the flow of business will seek a more elastic and malleable mode of transport.

Security and Protection

As business models adapt to new technology, the concern for security will heighten and tighten. Businesses need to take a proactive approach to ensuring the security of their data across multiple platforms. Ongoing IT management offers security testing, application upgrades, and adaptive processes to keep your information safe in what is already a hacker’s paradise.

IT Management

Dealing with the rapidly changing demands of digital business processes requires a technology expert able to see beyond today’s challenge and plan for tomorrow’s success. Managed IT services will bring together the development team and the operations team to continuously integrate and adapt to the latest IT trends.

By the way: Internet is a network of networks, which provides software/hardware infrastructure to establish and maintain connectivity of the computers around the word, while Cloud computing is a new technology that delivers many types of resources over the Internet. Therefore cloud computing could be identified as a technology that uses the Internet as the communication medium to deliver its services. 

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