Choose right

Collaboration software holds the task of bringing together people and documents from remote locations to one central spot where everyone can work in real time.

If you Google the term you find countless suggestions based on needs, pricing and services and you can easily become overwhelmed just in the decision making process.

One website boasts 320 different programs and it’s up to you to filter down the features. This process is slow and tedious and highly unpredictable. Consider that the features you want today may not be what you need tomorrow and then you’ll be back to the original search.

Consider a different approach:

First, we would like to introduce you to EchoShare. This software, coupled with a tech team that can modify it to your specifications, will file sync and share technology across remote venues and people helping small and midsize businesses securely access and collaborate on files of any type or size. Additionally CloudShare integrates with data protection software to manage billing and sensitive data in a secure environment.

Second, stop trying to choose the perfect software. Your search should begin by looking to partner with a technology team that has the flexibility to work with your ever changing needs. Your business isn’t static and your software shouldn’t be either.

Third, create a checklist to help you make an informed decision. Look for a company that is the right size. If your business is small, you may opt to mirror that size finding security in personally knowing the people working beside your team. If your company is large with multiple locations you may partner with a business that can handle many calls from many locations at the same time. Additionally consider pricing and availability – no matter the size of your business these criteria will be of great importance to you. Finally, look for a business that does not have a goal of selling hardware and software but rather one with a goal of creating solutions.

Developing software that fits multiple businesses is not an easy task so finding the right tool can result in disaster and a lot of lost time. Partnering with a tech team that will listen to and observe your business processes looking for ways to make improvements is a recipe for success. Heed advice from Goldilocks and the Three Bears – find the fit that’s just right!