Barcoding in Manufacturing: It Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget

 Many of our clients have the idea that barcoding is expensive, complicated, confusing and difficult to implement.  But the reality is, that with our customizable solutions, it is nearly pain free and is perhaps one of the best ways to increase your overall efficiency.

If your manufacturing plant still relies on data entry and physical inventories as a daily part of your business, perhaps you should explore the robust possibilities of barcoding.  Following are just a few benefits:

Barcoding greatly reduces the need for data entry which in turn reduces human error.  For every 10,000 bar code scans, there is an average of one error.  For every 1000 human keystrokes, the average number of errors is 10. In addition, you save money on labor for data entry.  Have you chosen not to implement a portion of your inventory management, accounting or ERP because the time to enter the data was more work than it was worth?  Did the time to fix all of the errors become a full time job? We can help.

Barcoding is a cost efficient tool for tracking and tracing.  Your unique barcodes not only track your products but also your raw material.  This allows you to better manage your raw material costs by providing up to minute data on material at hand and ordering/shipping information. It also allows traceability, which, in our world, is becoming an extremely important component of everyday life. No more need for paper travelers and fixing errors because someone wrote down the wrong bin location or the wrong lot number.  The barcode app gives instant feedback fixing the error in real time which reduces errors and eliminates the time to fix inventory.

You don’t have to be an engineer to understand and use barcoding.  Using barcoding will actually reduce time spent on training and labor, in turn increasing productivity.  The data that is encoded in your labels can be as simple or complex as your unique situation dictates.  And, the nice thing is that little label will automatically identify the product. You will know that the product your employee is picking off that shelf is exactly what the customer ordered. We can also build intelligence into the application to use business logic to answer questions for the user.  Many times we see that entering the data into the inventory application or ERP can be redundant which results in having to answer the same question for multiple line items. 

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