What would it cost your company if the system was down? Think beyond dollars to employee time and client confidence. If your server can’t operate and you don’t have a back up and disaster recovery plan your company is losing valuable time, money and its reputation.

Future Link IT support plans include three areas: intrusion prevention, hardware protection and repair/recovery.

Below are three critical areas to plan for in order to avoid a train wreck:

Fire Wall: The loss or temporary inaccessibility of your crucial data will threaten the success you’ve worked hard to achieve. Any good plan starts with protecting your network and limiting your risk. A firewall that provides robust and affordable network security solutions can be the difference between being in business and out of business.

Data Back Up: There are many choices for data back up and it is critical that you build a disaster plan that meets your needs and budget. Each option is based on the amount of time you can “afford” to be without access to critical information and networks. Do you need your email system or access to inactive client files or can you be without them for a given amount of time. Addressing this before a disaster ensures you have what you need to run your daily business when things go south.

Disaster Recovery: The process of restoring your system or even rebuilding your hard drive can take days to weeks depending on the damage and ability to restore everything. Knowing your options and working with a reliable IT Management company can make the difference in the outcome when disaster strikes. The solutions for rebuilding have become increasingly crucial to businesses and therefore require strategic service management to maintain operation and performance.

What would happen to your company if your server went down? Unfortunately, many of us believe we are protected only to find out too late that we are not. The question becomes, in the case of a disaster, can your business be down 7 days, 3 days, 1 day, 4 hours, less than an hour? Future Link IT has expert IT consultants ready to help prepare your company for disaster based on your affinity to downtime and budget — anything from local backups to full virtual server in the cloud with virtually no downtime. The ultimate objective here is to identify and resolve issues before they have an opportunity to impact on availability or performance. All of this allows us to support the ongoing needs of our customers, as they continue to strive to meet the needs of their own internal customer base.

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