Prevent problems before they start.

We’ve all experienced problems with technology. Sometimes, things just don’t work as they should.

Fortunately, many problems can be avoided with the proper planning, monitoring and maintenance.

Here’s what you can do to avoid five of the most common IT problems (and how we can help):


Problem #1

Your firewall subscription lapsed – causing you to miss out on important security updates.

Solution: An out of date firewall will not protect you from threats. It’s important to check your firewall subscription renewal date. Make sure that your firewall subscription is up to date and that updates have indeed occurred

Problem #2

Backups fail to run as scheduled and no one noticed.

Solution: Backups can fail for a variety of reasons including permissions problems, updates, locked files and more. Monitoring your backups on a daily basis is the key to protecting your data.

Also, test your backups to make sure they run as scheduled. After all, the only backups that matter are the ones you can use to restore your data.

Problem #3

You have not installed the most recent Microsoft updates – leaving your system vulnerable.

Solution: Ensure that you have the most recent updates. Microsoft updates are one of the best things you can do to protect your system.

Unfortunately, there are so many different updates pushed out by Microsoft that it can be quite a challenge to manage them all for one, let alone 20, 30 or more PCs. Future Link IT can help. Take advantage of the expert advice and assistance we provide. We can manage your updates to simplify the process and keep your costs down.

Updates always have the potential to create new problems. To minimize risk and down-time, our policy is to first deploy important updates on our own network. If all goes well, we’ll proceed. We deploy critical and security updates for our clients on a routine basis. In most cases, these are scheduled after hours to limit your downtime.

Not all updates need to be done right away. For example, we undertake driver, tool and feature pack updates only if there is value for the client and no foreseeable impact on computer performance.

Likewise, roll-up and service pack updates can cause problems if they do not complete properly. If these updates are advised, we’ll come onsite to manage the process.

Problem #4

The Plugins and themes for your WordPress website are not up to date – leaving your site open to hacking.

Solution: Just about every month we hear about a website that has been hacked. Hackers often exploit Themes and Plugins to gain access to a site. Regularly updating Plugins and Themes will help to keep your site safe from attack.

Managed hosting can also help. This will ensure that your WordPress site is backed up and automatically updated. Future Link IT offers a managed service for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Problem #5

Your PCs and servers have reached the end of their expected lifespan.

Solution: A PC or server that has reached the end of its lifespan may present numerous compatibility and security issues. Establishing and following a replacement schedule is smart and more cost-effective than replacing PCs and servers one-at-time as they break down.

You can save you as much 75% in labor costs simply by adhering to a replacement schedule vs. replacing PCs as they fail.

Don’t go it alone

Too much to keep up with? Future Link’s managed IT services can help prevent problems before they start. We can manage your subscriptions and schedule, test and monitor your backups to make sure they are working as planned, and much more.

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