It’s a commonly held belief that nothing is made in America anymore. The truth, however, is a bit more complicated than that.

While it’s true that the manufacturing sector has declined, it is by no means dead. What has changed is the type of products manufactured and assembled in the U.S. and the number of people it takes to produce those goods.

The number of jobs in the manufacturing sector has declined by about 5 million since 2000, falling from 17.3 million at the turn of the century to 12.3 million in 2015. However, the U.S. still manufactures, assembles and exports a huge number of products ($1.3 trillion worth in 2015).

Leading the Way

The top goods manufactured in the U.S. include airplanes, autos, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, refined oil products, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment and plastics.

Thousands of U.S. based companies are leading the way. For example, one of our key partners, Seneca Data, is a custom computer manufacturer and remanufacturer headquartered in Syracuse, NY.

Seneca is known for their Nexlink® brand of custom-built desktops, notebooks, servers and storage devices. We’ve installed and configured many Nexlink® servers and desktops for our clients.

In addition to supporting an American company, there are three key reasons why we rely on Nexlink® products:

  • They are built using Intel motherboards and processors.
  • Seneca Data is a Platinum Intel Technology Provider and all Nexlink® products are Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) approved.
  • Seneca products use OEM standard parts. This means that replacement parts, because they are not proprietary to one manufacturer, are much more likely to be available after the warranty period expires.

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