It is the fastest type of Internet connection available.

Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals carrying data into light and sends the light through glass fibers about the diameter of a human hair.

If your business involves web conferencing, streaming high definition video, file sharing or cloud computing fiber offers many benefits. The main advantage is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable.

Certainly, fiber has its advantages, but can be expensive. Why? Because installing new underground cables and establishing new connections can be costly.

Many business customers have told us that they considered fiber optic Internet and were quoted $75,000 for installation and service fees as high as $1,500 per month.

Talk about sticker shock! Obviously, this is not even in the realm of possibility for most small businesses.

Avoiding sticker shock

Fortunately, in many locations, it’s becoming more cost-efficient to install fiber optic networks than it is to maintain antiquated copper systems.

With Future Link, most of our fiber installs cost less than $7,000 with monthly fees in the range of $750 – $1,000.

Yes, that is still more than a DSL or cable connection. Fiber will almost always be more expensive than other options – at least initially. However, there are some configuration options that will help to maximize your connection and minimize your costs.

  • Obtain a dedicated point to point fiber connection. A point to point connection is a direct connection from the provider to your location. One key advantage of this type of connection is the fact that the bandwidth is dedicated. Fewer users means less congestion and faster speeds.
  • Take advantage of broadband bonding. This is a cost-effective way to dramatically increase your bandwidth by combining up to 12 broadband lines from multiple carriers together.

Choosing the wrong Internet service can cause you to waste both time and money. The decisions about your Internet service are important. With so many options available, it’s crucial to have the best advice and the right technology partner.

At Future Link IT, we specialize in helping businesses establish reliable and cost effective high speed Internet service. Call us to get started on your plan today.